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One of these unexpected "Must See" effects, I experienced in the Pink Floyd exhibition in the Italian capital the city of Rome!

Their political legacy, the technological avant-garde and the variety of their interactions with art, modern science, economics and participation in the cultural and social revolution have really deeply impressed me.

Although I have heard the music every now and then, did I not really know much about them.

The exhibition is presenting so much that is unknown and exciting, that I have become a big fan of their legacies from now on.

Sometimes you have to learn the real facts in order to evaluate and assess their achievements and performance.

Unfortunately have I not found the contents of this exhibition anywhere on the internet and the web.

For those who want to spend a short break in Rome and visit the exhibition, they will be amazed and thrilled!

The interior design of the exhibition is beautifully designed.

It is like as if you were simultaneously on a magical stage inside a planetarium watching the firmament and being rewound into the 70s.

Nevertheless, enjoying the media and technical comfort of today!

Simply a fantastically designed and constructed exhibition!

In addition, I realized what this generation had fought in rights and opportunities for us now!

It almost seems to me like a crime, that today we are so careless with some of the topics of the past time and we do not fight any more for the preservation and further development of our political commitment.

Last Exhibition Day in Rom 20-may-2018

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