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If universe is an answer, what is the question?

In 2012, I had the opportunity to visit CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, where the recreation of the Big Bang, the beginning of our universe, took place. I even had the privilege to descend into the Big Bang proton generator with the former director of CERN, a rare annual occurrence. This experience was nothing short of awe-inspiring, showcasing cutting-edge technology.

Me in Cern infront opened generetor of protons collision.

This is the most exclusive high-tech on our planet

As an artist in 2004, my quest was to comprehend the forces that bind us together. I explored the spirals of galaxies, neurons, and the intricate networks found in ancient mushrooms. The connections I uncovered between these natural and neural networks were astonishing.

Mashrooms underground network since millions of years...

MR imagine of mashrooms roots / neurons:

My interpretation:

Galaxy Spirals:

My interpretation:

Neurons in our brains:

My interpretation:

It has been found that the galaxy spirals coil at an inclination of less than 12%, thus forming DNA and many other spirals. In the galaxies made up of stars, the same structures were found among each other as in neurons in the brain and mushroom plexuses underground.

It was revealed that galaxy spirals exhibit a similar structure to DNA and other spirals, with an inclination of less than 12%. These structures were not limited to galaxies; they also appeared in neurons in the brain and the underground networks of mushrooms. This suggests a natural order in the 3D structures from the microcosm to the macrocosm, which later were translated into the 2D pattern known as the Flower of Life. This pattern has been discovered worldwide, often engraved inside ancient temples dating back thousands of years, a fascinating scientific and spiritual revelation.

The missing piece of the puzzle was the fourth dimension, time. I integrated this concept into my sculpture model, illustrating how time is an intrinsic dimension that underpins our existence, from our individual lifetimes to the lifespan of celestial bodies.

In 2022, CERN made significant strides in understanding the Higgs boson, often referred to as the "God's Particle." This particle is responsible for imparting mass to protons, neutrons, electrons, and more, allowing matter to exist. But an intriguing question remains: why does light, which has no mass, still surpass the speed of the God's Particle and remain unaltered?

About God's Particle:

Easier description here:

I thought OK, fantastic, we arrived finally also to the answer, how we became a matter, who we are...


One thought still tormented me: if this is the greatest power, why is light still faster than God's Particle and unable to break through/ be manipulated?

In my quest for answers about the afterlife following my mother's passing, I delved into near-death experiences, which consistently describe a powerful, universal energy represented by light. This energy transcends time and space, devoid of limitations, and suggests a correlation between the light in the universe and the essence of light as a wave, energy, and information carrier.

To explore this idea further, please watch this video to the end :

If we transform us BACK into the light, make experience without time or matter limitation, than it must be some coloretion between scientific discoveries about univers, matter, light and soul ..

What are your thoughts on this matter? If you have additional insights on this topic, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Katarina Kronburger

Art about the Code of the Life

In my next blog feed, I will provide a brief explanation of my discoveries on this topic and attempt to find the question to the answer. Some of the answers may be found in the following publications:

The answer is maybe in one of this publications:


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